Saturday, March 3, 2012

Enjoy Your Life

Murtakibudz Dzunub - Why did we forget yesterday,  that we’re still can breathe the fresh air? And  why we also forgot that we have  a pair of  eyeballs that were  still can use to see! And worse, why we could be forget  that today we are still have a soul in our body? 

So, what do we remember? 
Did  worldly that already busied us?

Not! But we're who is busy with the world.

Let's concenrate of our minds and our hearing carefully.
What did we find? The hubbub? Gossip and backbite each other?
The people with hp who are struggling with the noise?.

Relax, let us muse for a while.

Ahh .. we were not give an attention, that there are humming prayer of small birds, and  the begging of orphans who gaze wistfully . It is a pleasure when we approached and gently stroking her hair, isn’t it?  then  whispered " ya  Allah … how lucky I am when compared with this child".

Now try to make a step of our feet and we breathe deeply, what we find?

There is a sickening smell? Wait, let us breathe again. Concentrate!.

we feel the fragrant scent of the flowers that were growing , isnt it?

Let us feel the sense of existing in the skin. wet? The air which make us weary?  Do it again!.  Do not we ever feel the freshness that makes us comfortable?. Feel the coolness of the cold air.
Feel the warmth  as well as the air we breathe now.

Friends, There  always “a beauty” in every movement of us, but  its very pity because we are frequently forget it.

Translite By: Leea Aneelia
(Versi Indonesia "Nikmati Saja Hidup Ini")


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