Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Death Pick Me Up Later

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Friends.... When the death pick me up later, I hope there is a reflection of the good deeds that are willing to accompany.

When death grabbed me later, I want to lean on the color of the curtains that covered by twilight silk  from sincere mind with faith in  the heart as a provision that would bring me later.

When the angel of death visited  my body in bed , I look forward of  your guidance to lead me with a beautiful  tayyibah lafadz.

Friend, when predestined hour of death come to me, though no time, actually there's something that I want to convey to you. Will soon be gone all earthly delights, a few more seconds you do not find a smile, joke, even the tears on your dirty's face.

Wishing the bond we've create with  the foundation of love and hate just because of God, can bring us in Paradise later. Do not grieve over this tempest, remove your tears. I'll wait for, surely one day you'll catch me.

Take a kindness from these ties so that I could still get its benefits, and I hope you didn’t tell the people the sin I have done in my life.

I look forward to get intercede from you, when my guardian angels of hell shatter and burn my slight skin, so I can feel the scent Paradise with you.

When my body on the stretcher in the coffin were wrapped in fragrants  and jasmine, pray for me.

Hopefully after you bury it , with the grace and pity, I can answer the questions of the angels. To get roomy grave, so I've had no narrowing of the grave that would crush the bones of the rib cage.

My greeting well being for you, you still have time to improve yourselves and do such  good deeds.

Now, my time is running out, I'll miss when we dissolve into tears of remembering.
Friend, I'm waiting ....  Wa'alikumussalam WarohmatullahiWabarokatuh.

Translite By. Leea Aneelia


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